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Tackling the challenges of horizontal drilling

December 04, 2012

Horizontal drilling done the smart way

Horizontal and complex trajectory wells have continued to present challenges to the industry for many years. One of the biggest challenges for drilling projects is the elbow angle once the pipe reaches the appropriate layer for turning. Typically it can skew a little too far right or left, up or down, and the farther it skews, the lower the accuracy and resolution. That’s why the size and weight of position sensors and other components is so important. Here’s what Betatronix has done to help clients face these issues head-on.

To ensure positional accuracy and placement of the well trajectory, Betatronix has significantly reduced the Size, Weight, and Power Consumption (SWaP) characteristics of our components. This allows room for more sensors in the original mechanical envelope, which provides for greater resolution of the tool position. And ultimately, this results in better reservoir contact and production.

One area where our components distinguish themselves from others is that they are less susceptible to Electromagnetic fields, due to the contact nature of the wiper assembly to the resistive track.

And beyond that, Betatronix solutions provide similar capabilities to those associated with silicone-carbide – at a fraction of the cost.

We continue to invest in Research and Development in this area, always improving our technology to give clients the most accuracy and to meet all environmental requirements in this unique category.

To learn more about drilling solutions for your latest project, talk to one of our expert engineers or representatives.