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Betatronix team receives Lean 101 Certification

September 12, 2013

Entire Betatronix team participates in Lean 101 Certification module

Last week, in partnership with Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT), the entire Betatronix team participated in the “Lean 101” Principles of Lean Manufacturing module. LIFT’s Lean program is designed to help companies maximize efficiency, eliminate waste, establish a smoother flow of work, and implement a long-term plan for streamlining all processes.
“Our team realizes that in order for us to achieve our growth targets, which include diversification into other industries such as commercial air, we must be in a continuous improvement mode at all times,” said Wayne Demmons, Betatronix CEO. “Partnering with LIFT helps to get everyone on the same page at least in terms of the basics of lean. The key from this point is to foster the culture on a daily basis and allow people to be involved in daily decisions and continuous improvement.”

The Lean Manufacturing module consists of 8 hours of combined training, split between a classroom environment and a simulated manufacturing workshop. In the classroom, the team learned the principles of Lean, while the simulated manufacturing workshop featured the tools in action. Seeing is believing for the attendees. The class is structured to show how important employee involvement is in a company practicing Lean by allowing the participants to think, brainstorm, make decisions, and try new techniques (all their ideas) during the simulation process. The results speak for themselves as every employee puts the Lean principles they’ve learned to work.

“I like the way it’s easy to keep track of everything visually allowing for quick decisions on what to do. Teamwork was very good, and we were able to make decisions on running the business,” said Martha Delgado, a Betatronix Production Associate.

The program brought about a great sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm at all levels of the organization. 

Joe Fusaro of the LIFT program said, “LIFT is usually successful at convincing the manufacturing floor employees that Lean will make their jobs easier, faster, and more efficient. However, convincing management is sometimes tougher. Betatronix has the best of both worlds. Everyone from all levels has Lean exposure and management’s support for positive change. This is a true recipe for success, hitting it from top down and bottom up. I am truly excited to be a part of their Lean transformation.” 

Betatronix will team up with LIFT for two kaizen events over the next several weeks giving the employees a chance to use the tools they’ve learned in their own continuous improvement initiatives.