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Innovative designs for People with Disabilities

August 29, 2013

How Dual Redundant Braking Control Helps People with Disabilities

Bob Alba is a pioneer in the field of assisted controls for the auto industry and has dedicated much of his career to helping the physically disabled live more independent lives. This summer, while designing a special automotive device for
a paraplegic woman, he approached Betatronix for help with a multifunction solution.

For people with muscular degeneration and limited range of motion, new challenges present themselves every day. The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures them the right to access public spaces unhindered by obstacles, but many don’t have the means to get there.

Mr. Alba wanted to give his client and others in her situation the ability to enjoy a very basic activity – driving. But he needed to redesign an integrated throttle and braking control system for her specific needs. The initial design challenge was to incorporate three independent control circuits that worked in harmony and provided redundant safety features in a compact, easy-to-operate format.

Working with Betatronix’s Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, the team developed a 2.5” Ø 1” deep, multi-function device that enabled very smooth acceleration performance and extremely safe redundant braking functions. From these initial collaborations, Betatronix manufacturing and test personnel executed a six-week rapid prototyping project that also addressed several product improvement iterations during system tests.

Just one of many revolutionary developments that are popping up to enhance the lives of the physically challenged every day.

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