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Attracting Young Talent in Spite of Budget Cuts

November 15, 2013

Building an aerospace and defense workforce during program cuts

There is much buzz about a potential workforce crisis facing both the aerospace and defense industries in the coming years. The average worker age is getting higher, and cuts in defense and space programs are making it difficult to attract and retain aerospace engineers. But there are still ways to get talented young people through your doors. 

Despite the big to-do about the future of the aerospace and defense industry workforce, Betatronix is still attracting young engineers
with expertise in designing advanced electro-mechanical components for a variety of interplanetary, aerospace and strategic
defense programs. 

We’ve done so by working with Long Island’s Cradle of Aviation Museum and local schools to recruit very smart, engaged interns, many of whom are simply excited at the possibility of collaborating with some of the brightest minds at research and development (R&D) institutions. Our recent Long Term Production line support agreements and R&D initiatives will provide continued design and rapid prototyping opportunities using traditional and additive manufacturing techniques. 

Providing these types of opportunities to fresh young minds is only the beginning; creating the right culture to help them thrive is the next step. That’s why many Betatronix interns have stayed on to become some of our most essential employees.

To find out more about our recruitment initiatives, talk to one of our expert engineers or representatives.