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Can Cost Savings Rescue Some Defense Programs

March 27, 2014

In the Defense Industry, Cost Savings May Trump Program Cuts

As Congress and the Pentagon battle it out over which programs will be kept and which ones will go, there are some indicators that cost savings can save a program. That approach trickles down to manufacturers. In fact, the Defense Logistics Agency will consider adding a new manufacturing source if it can be shown that cost savings are achievable. Components manufacturers can do this without sacrificing safety or reliability. Here’s how:
1. Knowledge – Program Managers need keen insight into the most intricate details of the products or services contributing to overarching program deliverables. Great program managers couple this insight with an intimate sense of technology and supply-chain trends identifying risks and opportunities with enough time to implement beneficial changes.

2. Data/Metrics – Accurate, timely data is crucial for developing strategies, as well as making decisions and adjustments to program priorities.

3. Communication – All program contributors and stakeholders must make effective, timely communication a top priority. 

4. Performance – Effective accomplishment of the activities required for design, production, testing, and delivery of the finished product.

Betatronix has delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in defense program savings over the past several years, while not only achieving product safety, but improving it. To find out how Betatronix can help you lower costs on a specific defense project, talk to one of our expert engineers.