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A Simple Way to Reduce Pilot Workload

May 14, 2014

Achieving Reliability and Performance in Small Space Applications

Whether in ideal conditions or intense, high-stress situations, at 30,000 feet, a pilot needs everything to run smoothly. Ease of use and reliability should be a given, but that is often difficult for manufacturers to achieve in small spaces like control panels. That’s why Betatronix has come up with a solution that will make pilots very happy. 

Our latest line of DO-160 rated flight deck controls uses advanced lightweight materials for proven flightworthiness. But that is just the bare minimum. Many lighting and electrical components support critical flight systems, so they must be carefully selected – there is no room for surprises.

Our engineers work with clients to create superior layouts that ensure complete ease of use at even the most critical moments. And it is all designed to fit in the most compact flight systems – we make potentiometers and rotary switches with diameters as small as 3 centimeters.

Pilots can perform different functions quickly and with less steps than they would if using digital controls. In an emergency situation, this is crucial.

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