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How Exoskeletons Can Help Biathletes

February 26, 2015

Learn how exoskeletons with position control sensors could benefit future biathletes

Iron Man is not the only one who can benefit from the use of a powerful exoskeleton. U.S. soldiers will likely be able to use them on the field soon, too. But why stop there? We think biathletes, with the help of absolute motion sensors, have much to gain from the exoskeleton technologies.

As Jeremy Bender writes in Business Insider: “For decades, the U.S. military and its private-sector partners have been working toward a technology straight out of science fiction: robotic suits.” These systems use various powered actuation and motion control technologies to augment the soldier’s accomplishment of a mission essential task list (METL). In extreme environments even the basic tasks of maneuver and fire become increasingly burdensome. This is proven not only in a military setting, but at every Biathlon competition, during which contestants ski around a cross-country trail system and engage five targets at each shooting station.
Anyone who’s ever gone cross-country skiing knows that getting through the course and obstacles is challenging enough. Add firing a rifle for precision accuracy when you’re breathing hard in extreme environmental conditions, and it’s another matter entirely.
So how would an exoskeleton with absolute position control sensors help the modern biathlete? For starters, creating the most stable firing platform (A.K.A. The Steady Position) will always increase down-range accuracy. Having an absolute position motion sensor with infinite resolution is key to any servo system response cycle. This type of sensor would minimize the rise and sway of the rifle due to breathing and small muscle movements. The sensor would counteract these tiny movements, sensing and correcting them as they occur, and ultimately increasing the targeting accuracy of the biathlete.
Since 1966, Betatronix has been designing the most extreme absolute position sensors. From laser targeting systems to gyro-stabilized platforms, our components are sure to hit the mark for your next extreme motion control project. 

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