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Betatronix custom potentiometer configurations are providing complex position sensing solutions for mission critical applications world-wide.




Betatronix space rated potentiometers have been put to use since the 1970’s on Viking I, the International Space Station, Space Shuttles,Mars Exploration Rovers, and multiple other classified and commercial satellites. We have the qualifications necessary to handle special traceability of materials and processes requirements.



Betatronix provides precise control capabilities to various industrial market applications including Medical, Robotics, Transportation, Overhead Cranes, inclinometers for Rail Car safety, fluid flow/pressure monitoring in Engine Control, and more




Commercial Aerospace

Betatronix provides solutions for a wide array of commercial aerospace applications including measuring and monitoring fluid flows, pressures for engine control, position feedback for rotors, steering gears, and panel potentiometers for lighting and climate control.


Military Aerospace

Betatronix provides a wide array of military aerospace solutions; such as the Electro-Optical Targeting System on the F-35 Lightning II, fuel actuation, fin/flap positioning, etc.





Potentiometers offer guidance control over radar, optics, and other sensors for various types of smart missiles and other defense technologies. Betatronix has the capability to customize a design to the needed specifications, whether that be high heat resistance, long life, or ability to withstand a 500 G impact, all while complying with required standards.