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Rotary position sensors meeting custom space and military standards performance specifications from small angles to full 360 degrees.

Arc Segment Potentiometer Examples

Arc Segment

Interfaces directly to the shaft and constructed with fewer components

Concentric Shaft Potentiometer Examples

Concentric Shaft

Two independent shafts control different potentiometers within a single housing

Element and Wiper Potentiometer Examples

Element & Wiper

Custom, customer specific shaft mating with reduced weight

Geared Potentiometer Examples


Customer specific gear ratios and interfaces available.

Motorized Potentiometer Examples


AC/DC motors in multiple configurations

Mlti-Turn Potentiometer Examples


Available with up to 10-turns of motions

Panel Potentiometer Example


Small potentiometers that mount to instrument panels to provide Human Machine Interfacing

Switch Potentiometer Examples

Switch Modules

Single or multi-position with positive detent "on-off" rotary or push-pull configurations

Thumbwheel Potentiometer Examples


A broad range of diameters, multiple switch/pot configurations, and custom markings.